Rose Apartment Q14 Ichikawa-shi, Chiba

¥55,000 /per month
Property type: 1K
Building type: Wooden
Address: 3 Chome, Ichikawa-shi, Arai
Year Built: 1983
Area (M 2)
Walking Distance
7 minutes
Nearest Stations
Train Lines

Additional Details

  • Room Number: 101

Room Amenities

  • AC Unit
  • Camera Intercom
  • Interphone

Initial Fees

Deposit: (1 month of rent) ¥55,000
Key Money: ¥0
Agency Fee (with 10% tax): ¥0
Guarantor Fee: (65% of rent) ¥35,750
Lock Exchange Fee (with 10% tax): ¥16,500
Insurance Fee: ¥15,000
Monthly Costs: ¥55,000
Total Initial Fees: ¥177,250

Please note that these are estimated amounts.
Please inquire for exact costs.

Monthly Costs

Rent: ¥55,000
Maintenance Fee: Included
Total Monthly Costs: ¥55,000

You only have to pay 1st month's rent up front when you move-in before 10th of the month.
If you move-in after 10th of the month, you'll have to pay the prorated 1st month's rent + 2nd month's rent.


Establishments within the vicinity:

Convenience store (7-11) next door, Laundry within 3 minutes, Maruetsu Supermarket within 4 minutes, McDonald’s and 100 Yen Shop within 5 minutes walk!