Property type: 1K Clear
Sun Eagle Fujimi E-071 Urayasu-shi, Chiba
¥65,000 /per month

View details Area - 16.53 M 2 Land Size - 16.53 M 2

3 minutes walk to Seims Drug store 3 minutes walk to Lawson 4 minutes walk to 3F (Convenience Store) 10 minutes walk to Yaoko Supermarket 10 minutes wall to Hotto Motto (Obento Food chain) 5 minutes walk to Matsuya (Fast Food chain)

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Andalucia Ichikawa A25 Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
¥69,000 /per month

View details Area - 19.93 M 2 Land Size - 19.93 M 2

There is a K-Fresh supermarket nearby and an Ichikawa City community bus, bound for Gyotoku and Myoden station. Bus stop just across the building.

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Gran Field Minami Gyotoku F28 Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
¥65,000 /per month

View details Area - 16.50 M 2 Land Size - 16.50 M 2

Unit INCLUSIVE of Mini Fridge and Washing Machine! Family Mart, Maruetsu Supermarket, and McDonald’s are about 6 minutes on foot! Rent rates: 208 -¥65,000 315-¥67,000 406-¥67,000 411-¥67,000

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