Tokyo Apartment

Housing & Support for Foreign Nationals in Japan

What we do

Real Estate is a very traditional business practice in Japan. Customers are expected to pay unnecessary fees when they move-in. Also, many Japanese real estate companies/owners may reject foreign customers due to their lack of Japanese skills. We believe this business model is out of date, and look to rejuvenate the real estate market in Japan by offering a simple solution for our customers.

Save money

Powered by Dainichi (Dprife), Co. Ltd, a company with 80 years of real estate experience, we work closely with owners, agencies, and other management companies to offer a “no-frills” move-in.

Community Events

Every year we plan and conduct various community events to give our residents a
chance to expand their network in Japan while learning about the culture.

Various Payment Options

You can pay by credit card, cash, or bank transfer.

Optional Furnishings Available

We provide optional furnishings and WiFi to reduce the hassle of buying and moving furniture, which is great for students, traveling professionals, or first-time renters on a budget.


Obon Holidays Absence Notice
Tokyo Apartment’s office will be closed for the Obon Holidays beginning August 7th to August 15th. All inquiries and messages will be answered…
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Luigi & Judith Sim

I speak Japanese and had been asking around for a sizeable place for my wife and I, and the local real estate agencies have made it quite difficult for us despite speaking the language. Tokyo Apartment was different – they were very hands-on and certainly didn’t feel like they were…

Ryan Silence Realtor

As a fellow realtor in Tokyo, I can assure that the team at Tokyo Apartment has access to some gorgeous properties. The amenities they offer in terms of fully furnished apartments with no additional fees are awesome deals for anywhere in the Tokyo area, and I highly recommend paying them…

Armorfo Anonimo

Lived there for a while, very nice people and attentive!…

Tyler Jesse Michek TUJ Student

Awesome company for foreigners looking for a place to live.

Mickey Langley

Great service with a wide selection of properties in and around Tokyo. Highly recommended.