A-Studio Desing

Rental Fee

¥112,000(2 Year)

Tozai-Line「Gyotoku」St. 9 min. Walk

Floor plan

Floor Plan
2 Chome, Ichikawa-shi, Suehiro
Building Details
Wood Mix
Type (Floor Plan/Area)
1LDK 34.77 m2 (374.26 ft2)
Age of Property
January 2018

AC unit, delivery box, bicycle parking space, gas stove

End of Contract Fees
Room Cleaning
Air Conditioning Cleaning
Key Replacement
Other Restoration Costs
【Initial Fee】
◇1st Month's Rent (prorated - if you move-in after the 1st of the month ) + (2nd Month's Rent - you'll only have to pay this up front when you move in the middle/end of the month)
◇Insurance : INCLUDED
◇NO Deposit!
◇NO Agency Fee
◇Key Money: 1 Month's Rent
◇Credit Card OK
◇Foreign Emergency Contact ACCEPTED
◇A guarantor fee of 65% (45% for students) of 1-month's (72,800) rent may be incurred depending on the screening.