A-Studio Desing

Rental Fee

¥101,000(2 Year)

Tozai-Line「Gyotoku」St. 9 min. Walk

Floor plan

Floor Plan
2 Chome, Ichikawa-shi, Suehiro
Building Details
Wood Mix
Type (Floor Plan/Area)
1 29.34 m2 (315.81 ft2)
Age of Property
January 2018

WiFi, AC unit, delivery box, bicycle parking space

End of Contract Fees
Room Cleaning
Air Conditioning Cleaning
Key Replacement
Other Restoration Costs
【Initial Fee】
◇1st Month's Rent (prorated - if you move-in after the 1st of the month ) + (2nd Month's Rent - you'll only have to pay this up front when you move in the middle/end of the month)
◇Insurance : INCLUDED
◇NO Deposit!
◇NO Agency Fee
◇Key Money: 1 Month's Rent
◇Credit Card OK
◇Foreign Emergency Contact ACCEPTED
◇A guarantor fee of 65% (45% for students) of 1-month's (60,600) rent may be incurred depending on the screening.