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What is Japanese Real estate?

(Problems with Japanese Real Estate)

Real Estate is still a very traditional business practice in Japan. Customers are expected to pay fees such as “key money”, or “reward money” when they move-in. Also, many Japanese real estate companies may reject foreign customers. When signing a leasing contract, a foreign customer is required to have a Japanese guarantor, a Japanese bank account, and sign a contract term which is usually longer than their visa allows for. These conditions are difficult, if not impossible, for many foreigners in Japan. On top of this, apartments in Japan aren’t normally furnished, and require the customer to sign separate contracts for amenities, internet and other services. All in Japanese!

We believe this business model is out of date, and look to rejuvenate the real estate market in Japan by offering a simple solution for our customers: no move-in fees, allowance for foreign guarantors, English support, various payment options, shorter contract lengths, and “everything you need to live” furnishings for the residence. We are confident that offering continued support and working to foster a community where foreign nationals in Japan have access to the same products and services offered to Japanese customers, will better the lives of our customers, and better the community.

Move in for Free with

  • Wi-fi
  • T.V.
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Microwave
  • *Other Furnishings Available

Your room, thoroughly set-up to your liking. Fully furnished and equipped for your new life in Japan. Everything you need to live.
*Other furnishings available upon request.

No Initial Fees

  • NO Deposit
  • NO Key Money
  • NO Agency Fee

Move in for Free?!

In order to meet the needs of foreign nationals in Japan, and powered by Dprife Dainichi, a company with 77 years of real estate experience, we work closely with owners, agencies and other management companies to offer a package not yet available on the Japanese market: a “no-frills” free move-in.

And more…

  • You Can Pay by Credit Card
  • We Handle Utility Payments
  • English Support
  • Foreign Guarantor OK
  • Community Events


Living in Japan

Living in Japan presents a unique set of challenges. Especially for those who just arrived or for those who are new to the language, Japan can be a difficult landscape to navigate. Even more, moving in Japan can be impossible without the right help.


Our Mission

We strive to find the best residence to fit our customer’s needs while promoting community through events, services and support to all of our residents. Friendly, furnished and affordable, whether you’re a student, a professional or a family, Tokyo Apartment has a variety of packages to fit any customer’s needs.


Housing Support

Endeavoring to support and aid those who we lease to, our goal is to ease our customers with their life in Japan. We can act as a proxy to handle your utility payments, tailor make home furnishing to your liking, aid in job search, recommend schools and universities and help expand your network in Japan through our community events.

Company Overview

Corporate name
Dprife CO., LTD
1-16-3 Kitazakae Urayasu-City Chiba Japan
Date Established
November 1943
30,000,000 yen
Shinichi Yuasa
Dormitory and Company Housing
・Company Housing
Leasing BrokerageRecruitment and Human Resources TrainingLeasing for Foreign Nationals
License Number
License for Residence and Land Transaction Governor of Chiba Prefecture (3) No. 15351
Job placement for fee 12-ユ-300396
Incorporated Body Chiba Prefecture Residence and Land Transaction Industry AssociationIncorporated
Body Tokyo Metropolitan Area Real Estate Fair Trade Council
Guarantee Association
Public Interest Incorporated Association National Realty Industry Guarantee Association
Affiliated Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Yachiyo Bank
Keiyo Bank
Chiba Bank
Group Company
dainichi Co.,LTD(Dormitory and Company Housing)
Maihanaclub Co.,LTD(Nursing Home Management/Nursing Care Consultation Service)
Dainichi Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd. (Hotel, Weekly Mansion)